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ISBN 978-2-9700829-9-6

Phenomenological philosophy of language

collected papers

Elmar Holenstein

Edited by Simone Aurora, Lorenzo Cigana

By revealing the "invariants" of Elmar Holenstein's acclaimed contribution to the philosophy of language, the present volume will allow its readers to discover not only a conceptual apparatus that provides effective tools for dealing with contemporary discussions on central issues such as the structure of language, the nature of the sign, the functioning of cognition or the role of perceptual experience, but also a set of original ideas and theoretical proposals that suggest viable solutions to the above-mentioned discussions. Allthese solutions revolve around a precise philosophical idea or methodological approach, namely phenomenological structuralism, which emerges as a “Gestalt quality” of sorts out of the present collection of papers.

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Holenstein, E. (2021). Phenomenological philosophy of language: collected papers, ed. Aurora Simone; Cigana Lorenzo, sdvig press, Genève-Lausanne.

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