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Philosophy and/of economics

Vol. 12 (2)

Edited by

Pablo Pulgar Moya, Roberto Fineschi

Deadline: Thursday 30th May 2024

The philosophy of economics deals with a problem that has had a special emphasis in contemporary thought, both from critical and classical perspectives. This subfield of so-called practical philosophy has received special attention in the modern and contemporary era. The specific analyses have focused on methodological, experimental and epistemological issues. The study of economic phenomena, the nature of economic rationality and the ontological foundations have been the basis for the study of theories of socialization, phenomenological approaches of economic dynamics, debates in social philosophy, among many other variables.

Economic phenomena as a field of interest have given rise to various debates and have positioned themselves in a relevant way. Today, there is a broad and growing interest in philosophical analysis concerning economic phenomena ranging from their rational nature to the ontological foundations of theories of exchange, production, and economic development. The philosophy of economics gives rise to discussions about the resolution of social problems, the ethical conflicts associated with the concepts of freedom, justice, the market and the state.

On the one hand, the interest of this issue is to encourage a critical and reflexive analysis of the philosophical production around economics, critical with standard approaches. On the other hand, it aims to lay the foundations for a dialogue between research works with divergent perspectives relying on heterodox perspectives related with the critique of political economy. Under such a projection, the present issue of the journal aims to encourage philosophical research on impacts across the various spheres that encompass economic processes and phenomena in today's society.

In particular, the volume aims to address the following topics:

  1. Reception and/or critique of political economy and critical history of philosophy of economics
  2. Orthodox versus heterodox debate as a philosophy view
  3. Phenomenological perspectives on critical economy
  4. Intersubjective foundation of institutions-bound economics
  5. Philosophical approaches on subaltern economics


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