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First International Conference on Embodied Education

Copenhagen, 15 - 17 May 2024

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The 1st International Conference on Embodied Education is aimed at conveying a community of people interested in embodied education and the related topics, like enaction, emotion, extended mind, embedded cognition, sports, wellbeing, and the performative arts (such as music, dance and drama). The goal is to bring together artists, scholars, practitioners, teachers and students to reflect on themes like the mind-body nexus, lived body, agency, consciousness, intercorporeality, social mind, and similar topics. With this conference we want to cut the first turf toward an international movement of people dedicated to this topic.

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Main topics and keywords, but not exclusive, are:

  • The role of the body in teaching, instruction, didactics
  • Sensorimotor learning
  • Enaction
  • Scaling-up of embodied processes to the conceptual domain of education
  • Performative arts: music, dance, drama, etc.
  • Plurality of bodily identities, e.g. gender, ethnicity, inclusion
  • Embodied pedagogies
  • Bodily expression in educational contexts
  • Extended mind: technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence 
  • Embedded cognition: place-based, environment, sustainability
  • Emotion, affection and atmosphere
  • Sports, physical education, wellbeing
  • Ethical concerns related to embodied education
  • Educational discourse, policies and politics
  • Educational aims and values